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What is the difference between A-type and D-type MistCannons?

Posted by Giles Bennett on Tuesday 8 August 2017
Giles Bennett

The original D-type MistCannons have now been superseded by the new A-type and there are a number of important differences between the two.

A-type MistCannons have a number of new and improved design features, as well as better efficiency and lower water output. We still have many D-type MistCannons on our hire fleet, although all new additions to the fleet will now be A-types. All new MistCannons purchased will be A-types.

MistCannon D-Type


MistCannon A-Type


Spot the Difference!

The key improvements with the A-types, many of which are visible in the photo above, are as follows:

  • Different nozzle configuration – 2 discs each with 7 orifices, the new ‘CLU’ nozzles boast a smaller droplet size, lower water output, better throwing distance and larger orifice size which means less likelihood of blocking

The original D-type nozzles.


The new and improved A-type nozzles.


  • More robust chassis & cowl design – for better protection of the equipment on site
  • Additional fork slots, including fork pockets for shorter forks


  • A heavy-duty wheel & pneumatic tyre, to match the rear ones, replaces the front jockey wheel
  • Filter is repositioned to prevent any water spillage over the electrical control panel


  • Integral sealed storage canister for O&M Manual or other documentation



Click here to view the specification differences of the 2 types.


Are you with or without a MistCannon?

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