Modular FBDA Systems

No Draindown

The ModuleAir System is ideal for applications where continuous wastewater treatment is essential. With no tank draindown needed, the plant can continue to operate during installation and removal for maintenance.


Modular systems are ideal for both tanks and lagoons. For tank applications, the diffusers rest directly on the tank floor, allowing no sedimentation to occur. The assembly is typically lifted and dropped into position with an overhead crane. Adjustable base plates are supplied for lagoon applications to allow the system to be levelled from the water surface.

ModuleAir is ideal for single reactor applications where online installation and maintenance is required. Applications requiring supplemental oxygen supply, mixing, or energy upgrades are also ideal.

Heavy Duty

The standard construction material is stainless steel. This provides the required structural performance to support large grids. Alternate materials including galvanized steel and non-metal materials are also available.

Features & Benefits

Pre-fabricated module Easy to install
Ballasted and liftable No draindown required
Choice of diffuser membranes Allows performance optimisation


Where are Modula FBDA Systems used?

Why are they selected?

Activated sludge processes

Installation and removal with no draindown

Sequencing Batch Reactors (SBRs)

Allows continual plant operation

Oxidation ditches

Straightforward maintenance

Moving Bed Biological Reactors (MBBR)

Wide range of membranes, including teflon finish

Lagoons and Ponds

Design optimised to blower configuration