Spiral Aerators Take Off

Posted by Bradley Gilliland on Wednesday 1 February 2017
Bradley Gilliland

Spiral Aerators continue to be a very popular choice for aeration and odour control in lagoons and other large waterbodies. They are highly favoured for their ability to aerate acres of shallow water by inducing a strong horizontal flow, as well as for their long life with no routine maintenance.

Their popularity is confirmed by the fact that there are now over 70 Spiral Aerators installed in pollution lagoons serving UK airports, including Heathrow, Gatwick, Stansted and Cambridge. Corgin were thrilled to get positive feedback recently from one of these clients after 7 years’ hassle-free experience:

“Hello Bruce

Thank you for the enquiry regarding the status of the aerators.

Heathrow Airport has a total of 35 Fuchs Spiral Aerators, all supplied through Corgin. They range between 4 and 7 years of age and we have found them to be very reliable. Over the timeframe we have experienced only three failures, all on older machines and all motor related, requiring replacement of the electric motor. This has been done in-house by our own technicians, who have found the machines easy to work on and of high build quality.

We have not experienced any problems with the floats, shafts, bearings or mooring mechanisms and as such, asset availability has always been very high. It has been issues with the external controls that have often been the cause of problems and not the aerators themselves.

The efficiency of the units has been extremely good with the entraining of air back into the water column working very well. The arrangement of the aerators, as devised by Corgin, has allowed us to maximise the oxygen transfer and maintain a good standard of aeration within our run-off lagoons.

As a user Heathrow has found the Fuchs Spiral Aerator to be a highly versatile, efficient, and reliable machine. We envisage them having a long and productive life as an integral part of our Pollution Control strategy.

Many thanks.

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System Specialist, Water Services”

This excellent commendation fits in well with Corgin’s Totex capability: ‘environmental solutions with the lowest cost of ownership’. We truly believe that sound investment decisions such as this pay every time.

Spiral Aerators are available both for purchase or hire from Corgin’s large UK-based fleet.