Sharing the SOAP

Posted by Roslyn Bricknell on Friday 20 January 2017
Roslyn Bricknell

Corgin held an all-staff meeting on Friday 13th January to discuss their Strategy On A Page for 2017. The SOAP 2017 condenses business-wide strategic goals onto one page – giving a clear overview of each department’s SMART Targets and a road map for achieving them.

“I am really excited about the prospects for 2017. We have a great team with clearly-defined goals, and everyone is committed to achieving them,” enthused Bruce Bricknell, Corgin’s Managing Director.

John Needham, a Mechanical Design Engineer who recently joined the Corgin team, felt the strategy meeting was really worthwhile: “It involved the whole team, which is vital. Everyone had a presence and involvement. I felt it was very good that everyone sees the work ahead, and the plans and the vision, and feels part of it. Reviewing performance from last year gives people comfort – so that you know where you are. I felt it was really good!”

Roslyn Bricknell, who joined as Sales Administrator a few months previously, added: “It was great to launch 2017 with the team all together in one room focused on one vision. There is a very clear strategy in place to achieve our BHAG [Big Hairy Audacious Goal] for 2017. It looks like a very exciting year ahead!”