Senior Engineer Commends Corgin for Trouble-Free Aeration Equipment

Posted by Gavin Carvell on Tuesday 8 October 2013
Gavin Carvell

“Northern Ireland Water, under their Senior Engineer, [name removed], purchased 2 Fuchs Spiral Aerators in November 2008 to augment a consistent aeration flow pattern in the Donnybrewer WwTW oxidation ditch. Since then, these aerators have run trouble-free without issues other than their scheduled maintenance programme. A competitor’s spiral aerator system was added two years later, however it was found to be at times troublesome and requiring additional servicing in order to meet its performance requirements.

For almost 5 years the Fuchs system has with little or no maintenance problems performed very well in the ditch environment dealing with at times grit and rags which have entered the secondary process at this Waste Water Treatment Works.

This gives us confidence in Corgin as a supplier.”