Rotex in the Heart of the Cairngorms

Posted by Bradley Gilliland on Wednesday 8 October 2014
Bradley Gilliland

Scottish Water has opened a new wastewater treatment works in the Highlands, marking the completion of a £4M project.

The new works includes an oxidation ditch with 2 Corgin Rotex Brush Aerators, 3 underground weir chambers, a combined storm overflow chamber and 2 settlement tanks. It replaces a septic-tank based system which dates back to the 1960s, the low capacity of which was restricting further development in Kingussie. The works will provide effective treatment of combined sewer overflows from the village and ensure the ongoing protection of the River Spey, which is a Special Area of Conservation.

Constructed on a 0.8 hectare site in the heart of the Cairngorm National Park, the new works is designed to ensure compliance with both current and future EU regulations for wastewater treatment.

Pupils from Kingussie High School attended the opening of the works. Joanna Peebles, Scottish Water’s Regional Communities Manager, said: “We are really pleased at how this works will bring a number of benefits to the local community. Many of them are here today to help celebrate the opening of the works as it marks Scottish Water’s commitment to help improve the natural environment as well as to really engage with the people of Kingussie.”

Colin Munns, Scottish Water’s Waste Water Asset Planner, added: “This all new WWTW replaces one that was constructed in the 1960s and will ensure Kingussie has the best level of treatment well into the future. With this works, Scottish Water has built an efficient and reliable asset to benefit all our Kingussie customers.”

Rotex Brush Aerators