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Posted by Giles Bennett on Tuesday 3 October 2017
Giles Bennett

Marissa joined Corgin in August 2017, having emerged from her secondary and tertiary education with 10 GCSEs, 3 A-Levels and an ISMM Sales & Marketing qualification - all which have clearly helped her to become career-ready. She has joined the growing Sales Team and is focusing her time and effort specifically on Customer Care - reflecting the fact that the number of Corgin clients has grown significantly in the last 12 months.

Her infectious personality, boundless enthusiasm and positive attitude have already confirmed her to be a good fit in the Corgin culture. She is rapidly building rapport with existing customers which bodes very well for her career development.

Well done Marissa - you’ve had a great start, keep up the good work!

Here are Marissa's own comments:

"Ever since I walked in the door on my first day at Corgin I have enjoyed every single minute!  The culture at Corgin is what I love most, we all work as a team and have some good laughs together, most of all everyone is always smiling. 😊  My job role is awesome, I love working out the challenges.

I want to thank everyone for making me feel so welcome from the first day and thank you for all the time and effort you have put in in training me!"

Talk about enthusiasm! Feel free to contact Marissa on

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