End of Year Surprise

Posted by Tori Sellers on Wednesday 3 January 2018
Tori Sellers

Most companies have an end of year do… the obligatory Christmas menu at a local venue, no fuss, just book and go. A nice thank you at the end of the year from the management team.

We do things slightly differently here - we get personal!

So for our end of year meal the management team along with their friends and family came together to provide the most exquisite 5 course meal - all served to us in a beautifully decorated, barely recognisable meeting room!

The whole thing was a complete surprise. Yes, we knew something was happening - there were whisperings and people doing unusual things - but we suspected a buffet! So when asked to head downstairs we were stunned to see menus, place settings and a dining table decorated for royalty.

The food was fantastic! See the photo of the menu - it’ll make you feel hungry even if you’ve just eaten. I should point out that we have pretty minimal kitchen facilities, typical of an office: a few cupboards, a fridge for the milk, and a kettle, microwave and coffee maker; not somewhere you could knock up a 5 star meal easily. The kitchen came to us, unloaded from cars and set up alfresco - BBQs, hot plates, lazy Susans - all just to spoil us staff. And we were spoilt, well and truly!

So a massive thank you to all involved in providing us with such a wonderful thank you meal!

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