Covid-19: Mobile Spray Equipment for Large-Scale Disinfection

Mobile Spray Equipment

Whilst primarily designed for suppressing dust and odour emissions, Corgin’s modern range of mobile spray and misting equipment can also be used for applying disinfectants - fast and over large areas - during the COVID-19 crisis. This allows speedy disinfection of workplaces and other areas where there is a risk of transmission: construction sites, household waste facilities, transport and freight hubs, public open spaces and venues, sites used for COVID-19 related operations, and associated vehicles and equipment. Needless to say, disinfectant use should be in accordance with the supplier's usage and application guidelines, and subject to local health, safety and environmental regulations.

Using powerful turbo-fans, high-pressure jets or indoor misting guns to disperse finely-atomised droplets, Corgin's equipment facilitates fast and efficient application of disinfectant to both surfaces and airspace during large-scale sanitisation programmes.

Mobile spray units are ideal for emergency COVID-19 related issues - they can be deployed rapidly, and once on site, set into operation in as little as 2 minutes. Mobile units such as the SaniSprayer are completely self-contained, allowing operation without a nearby power and/or water supply. They are also easily relocatable, meaning that as requirements change, so can the location of the unit. The hire option means that capital outlay can be avoided for temporary requirements.


The SaniSprayer and many other of Corgin’s trailer-mounted mobile units have a quick-release coupling which allows the easy attachment of an indoor misting gun, pressure washer lance, foam applicator or washdown hose. These options maximise versatility during disinfection routines for workplaces, equipment and vehicles.


Corgin have a large number of mobile units ready for immediate despatch, including both new and used units. The option of hire is normally only offered to UK clients.