Foam Skimmer

Effective scum removal

The Foam Skimmer provides automated and cost-effective removal of foam and filaments from wastewater treatment processes. With foam build up, poor settlement and filamentous bacteria become increasingly common problems. Foam Skimmers skim off, thicken and pump away surface foam and scum from wastewater. This continuous foam removal reduces levels of foam-causing filamentous bacteria and helps prevent reseeding. Process benefits include reduced SVIs, reduced solids carryover in the final effluent and improved aeration efficiency. Other benefits include reduced odours and reduced safety hazards caused by overspill.

Award-winning performance

The Foam Skimmer was awarded the 1998 Ernst-Kuntz prize (award for wastewater and waste treatment process optimisation) by the German ATV – one of Europe’s most respected authorities in environmental issues.

Simple principle – advanced design

Like most good inventions the underlying principle behind the Foam Skimmer is very simple, yet its design and construction conceals years of accumulated expertise. As with all of our equipment, Corgin offers full support and maintenance, including our unique CarePlan maintenance package.

Features & Benefits

Features Benefits
Foam removal of up to 80m3/day Quickly gets on top of a foam issue
Quickly and easily retrofitted to existing plants No civil costs
Low energy use Minimal running costs
Quality engineering in stainless steel Long asset life
Programmable controls Easy operation
Fixed bracket and float mounted options Ensures versatility


Where are Foam Skimmers used?

Why are they selected?

Aeration tanks

Lowered SVIs - faster and improved settlement


Increased oxygen transfer

Oxidation ditches

Reduction of foam-causing filaments such as Microthrix and nocardiaforms


Improved plant performance and energy savings

Balance tanks

Reduced waste sludge disposal costs

De-gassing channels

Improved biomass quality


Reduced risk of equipment failure caused by foam build-up


Prevention of safety hazards and mess caused by foam overflow