Surface Treatment of Choice for Dust Control

DustFix is an engineered, eco-safe, biodegradable and topically-applied copolymer product used to stabilise, solidify and prevent erosion of any soil or aggregate surface. It is one of the most durable and versatile liquid copolymer products available, being used to mitigate the environmental and health hazards of fly-away dust, ground instability and surface erosion. For those with stockpiled products, it also prevents profits from being blown or washed away by the weather.

How Does It Work?

When DustFix is applied to the soil, the copolymer molecules coalesce and form bonds between the soil or aggregate particles. Long molecular structures link and crosslink together, curing to form a flexible and transparent surface crust that is durable, water resistant and non-leaching.

DustFix application rates can be customized to achieve the results you need. Modest application rates are useful for dust suppression and erosion control by creating a three-dimensional cap or surface crust. Heavier application rates can create qualities similar to cement, useful for soil solidification and surface stabilisation of surfaces to a degree required for road-building.

How Is It Applied?

DustFix is supplied in 1,040 litre IBCs for topical application to surfaces after dilution in water. Some typical applications are set out below, together with suggested initial application rates. As demonstrated below, by adjusting the application rate, DustFix can remain effective from just a few weeks to several years, depending on requirements.

Maintenance coats can be applied at 30% of the initial application rate.