Efficiency Optimisation

Corgin could save the UK an estimated 150,000,000 kWh of electricity annually.

The water industry is the 4th most energy-intensive sector in the UK. Approximately 1% of electricity consumption in the UK is accounted for by wastewater treatment, and of this, an estimated 50% is used on aeration alone.

Using high-efficiency wastewater aeration systems, Corgin can save an estimated 5-15% of these costs, with some sites having potential for more than a 40% saving. This has potential to bring the national spend on wastewater treatment down millions of pounds each year. It is therefore no surprise that many UK water companies see aeration as one of their highest targets for energy savings in AMP7.

Corgin’s Totex range includes some of the world’s most efficient aeration and mixing technologies. Our Totex calculator is highly regarded by consultants and end clients alike – a useful tool for optimising efficiency and determining the true whole life cost of ownership.

For treatment optimisation and increased compliance, the right technologies need to be specified. By choosing Corgin, the first step towards high efficiency has already been taken. Our clients in the wastewater treatment sector find our range of solutions and technical support to be exceptional.