Steve Payne

Operations Manager

My responsibilities at Corgin are wide-ranging and include providing strong leadership and contract management, ensuring business projects run at high standards and to budget, are of excellent quality and generate a profit.

I work with a fantastic team of enthusiastic people at Corgin; from on-site personnel through to director-level. Our energy at Corgin is fast-paced and dynamic and we strive to continuously improve our services.

My background is in people management and project delivery and I relish the challenges that our clients send my way – allowing me to exercise my strengths as an innovative problem-solver and solution-finder.

I am especially passionate about building and strengthening working relationships with our clients.

I enjoy photography and am a huge American Football fan – each year I try to improve my photography skills at NFL games in London. I am especially interested in the personnel strategies adopted by successful NFL teams and I enjoy re-interpreting and applying them to improve our own performance at Corgin.